Friday, April 25, 2008

Set My Heart on Fire

A good friend of mine sent me this story, and I had to share it!

If You Give a Mom a Muffin

by Kathy Fictorie

If you give a Mom a muffin,

She'll want a cup of coffee to go with it.
She'll pour herself some.

The coffee will get spilled by her three year old.

She'll wipe it up.

Wiping the floor, she will find some dirty socks.

She'll remember she has to do some laundry.

When she puts the laundry in the washer,she'll trip over some snow boots and bump into the freezer.

Bumping into the freezer will remind her she has to plan dinner for tonight.

She will get out a pound of hamburger.

She will look for her cookbook (101 Things to Make With a Pound of Hamburger).

The cookbook is sitting under a pile of mail.

She will see the phone bill which is due tomorrow.

She will look for her checkbook.

The checkbook is in her purse that is being dumped out by her two year old.

She'll smell something funny.

She'll change the two year old.

While she is changing the two year old, the phone will ring.

Her four year old will answer it and hang up.

She remembers that she wants to phone a friend to come for coffee on Friday.

Thinking of coffee will remind her that she was going to have a cup.

She will pour herself some.

And chances are......

If she has a cup of coffee......

Her kids will have eaten the muffin that went with it.

Set My Heart on Fire by Catherine Martin is a devotional that will inspire a revival of the Holy Spirit within you. Martin, who has written several other wonderful books, writes knowledgeably about the power of the Holy Spirit using passages from Scripture and personal anecdotes. Weaving these skillfully together, she reminds readers that when we accept Jesus into our hearts, the Holy Spirit takes up permanent residence there. It prays for us, leads and guides us, and will make us on fire with love for God if we allow ourselves to listen. Each section of the book is split into six sections. The first five are lessons with an area to write at the back about wisdom gained. The sixth section is an indepth Bible study about a different aspect of the Holy Spirit. Martin's faith is an inspiration, and her writing is always a joy to read.

Congratulations to Joy Artis and Karen Lasater, they were the winners of copies of A Mending at the Edge by Jane Kirkpatrick.

I'm kicking off a new contest today. If you'd like to win a copy of Margaret McSweeney's A Mother's Heart Knows (I reviewed it on Wednesday), drop me an email at before midnight on Sunday, April 27th. I'll announce the winner here Monday. The author is also holding a contest called My Favorite Mom. Go here and leave a message about how wonderful your mother (or mom figure) is to be entered to win a spa basket. Good luck!