Monday, April 28, 2008

The God of All Comfort

This weekend was eventful. Saturday was prom night. Molly and I spent the day together. Mia was at Mom's, Doogie at Dad's, and Jesse at an all day church event. So we debated over jewelry and nail polish shades. I gave her a manicure and pedicure so that she was ready for the big night. Beside the normal anxieties of prom night, she was also concerned because her date had broken up with her just a few days before and they were going just as friends. He was supposed to pick her up at six, but at three, he texted her saying that it would be closer to five! Much panic ensued, but when he pulled in at 5:15, she was beautiful and ready, as well as surrounded by two grandmas, two grandpas, her dad and stepmom, an uncle, her mom and her little sister. The camera flashes looked much like paparazzi, and the poor boy was blinking frantically by the time they made it out of the door. She got home at 12:20 am (curfew was 12:30) tired and a little let down. While the night was fun, it wasn't romantic like she had hoped.

The next morning I was awakened by a phone call from Jesse's cousin's wife Tina. Her husband, Johnny, was rushed to the emergency room Friday morning at 3 am with what they thought waws appendicitis. When they operated on him, they discovered instead that he had a tumor growing on his appendix that burst. Tests found that it was cancerous (technically colon cancer), so they had to remove not only his appendix, but also portions of his large and small intestines. He's going to have to go through chemotherapy and the whole routine. We're taking care of their 7 year old son Tyler for a few days until Johnny gets out of the hospital. Johnny's just 30, so we're all reeling in shock. I stopped at the hospital with Mia to see him today, and the light that is always in his happy eyes is missing. Please say some prayers for Johnny, Tina, and Tyler. I'll post updates here as I get them.
The God of All Comfort by Judy Gann is the most helpful book that I have read in the course of my struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. This daily devotional has short readings that pack a lot of punch. Gann addresses all of the daily battles of those who suffer from chronic pain: guilt, anger, frustration, depression with stories of real people along with helpful Scripture. There were time when I opened it up and found exactly what I was feeling that very day. It felt as if the story of my life was written by a perfect stranger, and it was wonderful to know that I am not alone in my pain. It also gave my husband insight into how I feel on occasion. Gann's book is full of hope and understanding for those who suffer. Even if I don't have relief from the pain, I have a friend in Gann and a promise from God for a new, healthy body some day. A must read for those who suffer from chronic pain and for those who love them.

I had a major bomb drop in my personal life today. Not the kind of thing I can talk about on the blog, but I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and strength.

The winner of A Mother's Heart Knows by Margaret McSweeney was Elisabeth Yogerst. Congratulations!


Judy said...

Christy, I'm humbled by your wonderful review of The God of All Comfort. Thank you!