Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Promise for Tomorrow

Sunday was a rough day. We woke up to the news about Johnny's illness and decided church was an absolute must. After church, Jesse spent the day at the hospital. I went to Mom's to list for eBay (we need the money for the upcoming Amish quilt auction), and Mia came with me. Molly and Doogie spent the day goofing around at home. By the time I got home around 7 pm, I was completely exhausted and in a world of pain. I asked Molly to get Mia in pjs while I put mine on. When I came out of the bedroom, all three kids were dancing like maniacs around the living room. That's today's video. I apologize for the poor sound and light quality, I used my digital camera to capture it. But I'm so glad I did. It completely lifted my spirits. After I downloaded it to the laptop, the kids curled up on the bed around me and we all watched it together. Mia was sitting on Molly's lap. At one point during the video, Mia started laughing so hard, she peed all over Molly! Between hysterical laughter, we cheered up Mia, changed their clothes (and my bedding) and watched it all over again. I love my kids.

A Promise for Tomorrow by Sara Dubose tells the story of one year in the life of nine-year old Flea who is growing up in the 1950s South. The book has many parallels to To Kill a Mocking Bird: oddly named female narrator, the innocence of the children and the impending darkness that threatens them, the upstanding father figure. But Dubose makes the book stand on its own merit by including faith into this story. The book is written with the simple yet sophisticated language of children with alternating innocence and wisdom. Flea learns about faith and what it means to have hope while facing the normal occurrences in a little girl's life. She's an engaging narrator who the reader can't help but root for. The book does leave several storylines up in the air, but with that promise for tomorrow of hope for characters and reader alike.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me yesterday. The situation turned out to not be what it appeared to be, if that makes sense, and I am very grateful for that outcome. Please keep praying for Johnny, Tina, and Tyler.