Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lazarus Awakening

Joanna Weaver is celebrating the release of Lazarus Awakening with the Heart of God
KINDLE Giveaway!

In Lazarus Awakening Joanna writes about getting God’s love from
our heads to our hearts. We all know Jesus loved Mary – look how she worshiped. And
we can understand why He loved Martha – after all, look how she served. But what
about those of us who don’t know where we fit in the heart of God? Lazarus Awakening
explores the tale of the third follower – Mary and Martha’s brother, Lazarus. We never
hear him speak, we never see him serve. The only thing of any significance that Lazarus
did was to die. And yet, the Bible is clear. Jesus loved Lazarus. And He loves you and
me as well. Lazarus Awakening looks at different aspects of the story we find in John
11. We learn what it means to be a friend of God and begin recognizing the tombs we
spend far too much time in. Find out more here.

 One grand prize winner will receive:

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Joanna will also select two additional contest entrants to receive copies of her

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the contest ends April 16th. The winner will be announced on Joanna's blog on April 

Lazarus Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Heart of GodLazarus Awakening by Joanna Weaver is the final book in her trilogy about the trio of siblings of Bethany who were Jesus' good friends. Lazarus was ill and his sisters, Mary and Martha, sent word to Jesus. He delayed for several days before coming, and when he finally arrived, Lazarus was dead. Jesus approached the tomb and told them to roll away the stone, then he commanded Lazarus to come out. Lazarus did, making many in the crowd turn to following Jesus and inspiring the Jewish leaders to want to kill Lazarus as well as Jesus. To read the whole story go here or read it in your Bible in John 11. Weaver uses this story to illustrate how the Christian soul is dead until Jesus wakes us up, bringing us to new life in faith. Weaver's writing is also very conversational and personal. She connects with readers as though writing to a good friend, and readers can trust that she truly cares about each of them. Weaver shares her own personal struggles and flaws, using them to empathize with readers while also making spiritual break-throughs. She makes a terrific point about how it is the church's responsibility to remove the grave clothes from newly awakened souls that should be required reading for congregations. Here are just a few of her insights: [God] doesn't forgive us because we deserve it. He forgives us because we so desperately need it. Delayed obedience is just disobedience camouflaged by a promise. Be heavenly minded so you can be of earthly good. Reading Weaver is like a jolt of good coffee. She awakens readers minds to truths that touch the soul.