Friday, April 01, 2011

30 Day Marriage Makeover Review

30-Day Marriage Makeover: How to get closer, communicate better, and experience more passion in your relationship by next monthBack on Valentine's Day I posted information about Doug Weiss' 30 Day Marriage Makeover, but I hadn't finished reading it yet. Please go back here for info about the author and to read the first chapter. This is a book you don't want to miss!

30 Day Marriage Makeover by Doug Weiss is a powerful guide for healthy Christian marriage. The book is divided into thirty chapters to be read by both spouses over the course of thirty days. The chapters are fairly short, so even busy couples will have time to squeeze it in, but there is a wealth of information in them. Weiss starts out slowly, giving couples the opportunity to connect with him and each other. Each chapter ends with an area for notes on the "three dailies." Weiss considers these three exercises as absolutely necessary for any healthy marriage: shared prayer, a feelings exercise, and "I appreciate" statements. At first, my husband was uncomfortable with the feelings exercise, which requires each spouse to use a feeling in two statements, one about the past, and one about the present to give the other insight, but over time, it became much easier and more natural. My favorite of the three dailies was the opportunity to appreciate each other through direct statements like "I appreciate the way you make us great meals each night" or "I love how you take care of yourself and always try to look your best." Weiss tells couples to look each other in the eye while making these statements, and there is an enormous amount of emotion and beauty in that act. Weiss encourages readers to make God the center of the marriage so that it can grow stronger through Him, but he also gives couples the tools to be more empathetic and loving. This is a terrific marriage guide with real down-to-earth exercises that readers will be glad that incorporated into their daily routine.