Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Reluctant Entertainer

Reluctant Entertainer, The: Every Woman's Guide to Simple and Gracious HospitalityThe Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin is a must-read for anyone who wants to host a party. Coughlin is an experienced hostess who spent years perfecting her technique of making people feel welcome in her home. She shares this advice with her readers, especially focusing on those who are perfectionists. Coughlin is always upbeat and encouraging, making the book read like an intimate conversation with a good friend. She includes several tried and true can't fail recipes, as well as formats for parties, and ideas for jump-starting good conversation. Coughlin also wants readers to extend their hospitality outside of just family and friends, as Jesus calls his followers to, and gives directions on how to set up providing meals for a sick or hurting family, teacher, or elderly neighbor. I am just the woman Coughlin has written the book for. I'm always nervous having people in my home, because I want everything to be just perfect, and if it isn't, I can't enjoy myself, but with Coughlin's book in my library, I'm having people over in just a few days, and I plan on incorporating her ideas immediately, especially her directive to relax. With it's beautiful color photos, terrific recipes, and conversational writing voice, this book would make a terrific housewarming, bridal shower, wedding, or any time gift.

Thank you to Bethany House for providing me with a copy of this book for review!