Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Christian Encounters: Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill (Christian Encounters Series)Did you get out and vote today? I made sure to stop by my local townhall and cast my vote. It's a small thing, but I think Americans tend to forget what a blessing and honor it is. Many counties undergo violence whenever a government changes, and in other countries, the right to vote is limited to just a certain few, like it used to be here less than 100 years ago. Voting is a privilege, make sure you exercise it today!

Christian Encounters Winston Churchill by John Perry is a insightful look at one of the most fascinating and important personages of the twentieth century. Winston Churchill came from a titled family dating back centuries in English history, but he was always determined to make his own mark on the world. Perry's book focuses much on Churchill's faith, but he also gives a brief but interesting biography of his life as well. Churchill's faith changed throughout his life from a passing belief in God with no actions to demonstrate it, to a deeper feeling late in life when he looked forward to his time in Heaven. Many of the two-times Prime Minister of England's speeches are here, including some of his prescient words about the build-up of Nazi Germany in the days before WWII, as well as his inspirational talks that motivated a nation to stark rations (while he continued to live in unabated luxury) and to fight to the end. Perry really does capture the man in his egotistical belief that God had created him for great things, his refusal to live within his means, and his occasional rewriting history in his many books, but he also portrays a man who had a great influence in history. If you're looking for a indepth biography of Churchill, this is not the book for you, but if you are looking for an interesting look at the important points of his life, an insightful look at his personality, and an studied look at his faith, this is an excellent read.
Thank you to Phenix & Phenix Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book for review