Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Held by God

 Mia decided that she wanted an easel for Christmas. And not a "little kid" easel made out of plastic, she wanted the real deal, because she so loves to paint. We looked online and discovered that they sell from $300 up! I try to get the kids what they ask for Christmas, but that's a little out of my budget, especially for just a few pieces of wood! Lucky for us, Mia has a great Bumpa (my step-dad, her grandpa) who loves woodworking. This weekend he whipped up a terrific easel for her including a plastic board with a clip so she can attach paper for painting and a palette! Now she just wants a painter's hat (the type you see French painters wear) and she's set! Since she got it on easel, she's been painting at least one painting a day; I have a feeling that new paints and brushes will be on her Christmas list.

Held by God by Lori Phillips & Lynn Willers is a poignant look at the struggles twin sisters faced and the faith that got them through it. Lori and Lynn are very close sisters who grew up in faith from their parents. The opening chapters lead the reader through their upbringing and belief in God. When both sisters suddenly started having collapsed lungs, it leads to a long season of medical problems and struggles. Just when they reach the end of that difficulty, their mother is diagnosed with cancer, sending the family reeling from the pain and shock. Their description of her journey through treatment is must-reading for anyone with a friend or family member facing cancer. They demonstrate each stage of treatment and the fears and complications, giving readers sympathy for not just their mother, but for anyone facing cancer. I do wish that I hadn't read this book quite when I did. A very close family member passed away from cancer less than a month ago, and I'm sure that had an impact on how often I cried while reading Held by God, but the writing is emotional and incredibly honest about their struggle to let their mother go. The final chapters are filled with Scripture describing how God carried them through their terrible times, and how he will carry the reader as well. The writing is honest and affecting, and readers will be inspired by the sisters' strength and reliance on the Lord.

Thank you to the authors for providing me with a copy of this book for review.


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