Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Almost Heaven

Almost HeavenAlmost Heaven by Chris Fabry is a moving follow-up to his Southern novel June-Bug. Billy Allman has faced too much tragedy for one man to face: a flood that destroyed his home, his father's suicide, the one girl he loved married someone else, he has diabetes, and taking care of his mother through terrible dementia. But through it all, Billy never let go of his staunch faith in God, so when he feels like the Lord is calling him to build a radio station to play gospel bluegrass for his tiny West Virginia mountain town, he follows his heart. Malachi, an angel, has been assigned by God to watch over Billy's life and protect him from the forces of evil lined up against him, but Malachi comes to wonder about God's plan and where He is in tragedy. Fans of June-Bug will be thrilled to see the reappearance of characters from that novel. There are writers and there are storytellers; Fabry is a storyteller. His characters are quirky but very real, and their faith is inspiring. But the stories, even when they are about a small town mountain man who isn't a stereotypical hero, soar with an epic feel. Billy's story is ordinary, you probably know someone like him, but seeing it through the eyes of an angel, and then reading how he changed people's lives through his simple faith and love is truly inspiring. Fabry has a message for his readers that each and every one of them can impact lives by the way they live, and that we never know just what God's plan for someone may be.

Thank you to Glass Road Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book for review!