Sunday, February 28, 2010

All Things Hidden

Friday night was Parent's Night at the basketball game for the cheerleaders. Jesse and I get to escort Molly across the court and then the girls do a routine they choreographed themselves. It's always a lot of fun and marks the last official game of the season, so it's a time, for me at least, to celebrate the end of daily practices and Molly's neverending schedule. The reprieve won't be long though because Solo Ensemble is just around the corner, and Molly has five events for that day!

All Things Hidden by Tricia Goyer is the 18th book in the Home to Heather Creek series. The story picks up with Charlotte Stevenson, the family's grandmother, at a church meeting helping to clean the archives from the church basement. One of her friends comes across a newspaper article that refers to Charlotte's grandfather as having stolen church funds. Waves from the scandal rocked through her young life, and she had hoped that the story would remain buried, but now that it's resurfaced, she is determined to get to the bottom of it and hopefully reclaim her grandfather's good name. This is one more task in her busy daily life that includes taking care of Heather Creek Farm with husband Bob, helping son Pete get ready for his long-awaited wedding to fiance Dana, and continuing to care for grandchildren Sam, Emily, and Christopher. I've fallen in love with this series. Charlotte and family seem so real; their problems are ones we face everyday: trouble with kids, church rivalries, the excitement and stress of weddings, and agony and hope in devastating illness. Every story feels like a visit back to your beloved hometown and you always know that everything will end well.

Thank you to LitFuse Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book for review.