Thursday, October 29, 2009

Have a Little Faith

Mia is so excited; she was invited to her first slumber party for tomorrow night. It's her best friend Bailey's birthday on Halloween, so they are having a bowling party and sleepover tomorrow night. Mia's been trying to pack her bag since she got the invitation on Tuesday! She often ends up coming home when she tries to spend the night at her grandparents' houses, so we'll see if she actually makes it through the night.

I'm posting a couple more of the pictures my mom gave me yesterday. The first is me with my aunt and uncle's dog Tasha. She was a real sweetheart who I obviously loved very much. The second picture is from when I was twelve with my cat Rover. Note the big 80s glasses! LOL

Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom is a true story about understanding what faith really means. When Albom's rabbi, nicknamed Reb, asks him to give the eulogy at his funeral, Albom determines to know this Man of God better so he can do the task well. Over the course of eight years, he spends time learning about the Reb's life and faith which in turn makes him re-evaluate his own. As part of a way of giving back to his adopted hometown of Detroit, he creates a fund to help out organizations that serve the homeless and poor, but only after he checks out each group. While investigating a new shelter, he meets Pastor Henry, a man with a dark past who struggles to serve his people. The Reb teaches Albom that a life truly lived is one in service to others. Henry shows him that we cannot be judged by our past alone, and that church has nothing to do with a building. While Albom gets a little squishy in saying that all faiths lead to God, there's a powerful message here about respecting others' faith. It's an enjoyable read with something for everyone.

Thank you to Debbie Lykins from Pure Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book!