Sunday, October 18, 2009

Double Cross

It sure felt good to watch the Packers win today. Even if they did only beat the Detroit Lions, it was important for them psychologically to have a win after the devastating loss to the Vikings led by Brett Favre last week. That puts the Pack at 3-2 against the Vikings 6-0. While we may be behind in the standings, we do have another chance to beat them in November!

Double Cross by James David Jordan is the sequel to Forsaken and continues the story of Taylor Pasbury, a brave twenty-nine year old woman who runs her own security company. Taylor is living with Kacey, daughter of a good friend who was murdered in the Forsaken. She promised to watch out for Kacey and the two have become as close as sisters. When the two women go to confront a former worker of Kacey's father who appeared to have been embezzling from the business, they instead find her dead of an apparent suicide. The pieces just don't add up to Taylor who can't let the investigation go, especially when it seems to involve her newly returned mother, Hillary. Hillary and Taylor have been estranged for over twenty years, and their reunion is more than bumpy. Taylor is a fabulous character who is just learning what it means to be a Christian. Her faith has helped her beat her addiction to alcohol, but she still struggles with understanding just what being a Christian means. She's enormously fun to read; her interior dialogue keeps the reader smiling, and wait until you see how she takes one bad guy down! When her friend Michael says, "They didn't know what they were getting into" referring to messing with Taylor, he's right on the money. Taylor is smart, funny, and tough, and I can't wait to read what she does next.

Thank you to B&H Publishing for sending me this book!

Today's picture is from I Can Haz It made me laugh, and I hope it does the same for you.