Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming Attractions

The other day Mia noticed a flock of birds whirling around in the air while we were in the van. I found myself quoting my Grandpa Trever by telling her that meant fall was on its way. It reminded me of a note I made in the little calendar I keep by my side of the bed. A few years ago, Jesse's Uncle John said that six months to the day after the first thunderstorm is supposed to be the first frost. Back on February 26 of this year, we had our first of the year, which is really early for our area, so I made a note on August 26 to see if Uncle John's folk wisdom would prove true. While we didn't have frost on August 26, a few areas north of us saw some last night (the low temperatures actually set a few records) and are expected to see it again tonight! While it wasn't exactly six months to the day, it was only about five days off!

Doogie is settled into his room on campus at UW-Superior. His dad took a couple of pictures, so I'm putting them up today. Note the case of Coke (that's my boy!) and the boxes of Cookie Crisp (I sent those up with him). It's a huge change for all of us, but thanks to God's gentle working on my heart, it's one I'm greeting with anticipation instead of anxiety.

Coming Attractions by Robin Jones Gunn is the second book in the Katie Weldon series. It's always hard picking up a book that comes near the end of a series you are unfamiliar with, as it was for me with Katie and her friends, but Gunn keeps the exposition to just the necessary minimum. Katie is gearing up for her college graduation and considering a life with her long-time crush and new boyfriend (finally!), Rick. But their plans seem to keep running in different directions, and with Eli giving her looks of more than friendship, Katie has no idea just what her future may hold. Katie is a fantastic character and completely refreshing in that she doesn't beat herself up trying to live for other people but listens to the Holy Spirit and starts to live the life of adventure He has for her. So many books aimed at young adults feature characters that flail around wildly frustrating the readers with stupid choices and actions, but Katie is just the opposite (although I get the impression that this attitude is a new one for the character). Her faith is amazing, and her character wonderful. The connection between Eli and Katie is electric, and I dare the reader to get through the final pages without tearing up! I hope that Gunn isn't finished with Katie, because I'd love to read more.

I'm taking Mia into school this afternoon to meet her new teacher and see her classroom. I'm not sure which one of us is more looking forward to school starting tomorrow!