Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blue Like Play Dough

Yesterday started off on a fantastic note. I woke up feeling well (not pain free but as good as I ever get) for the first time since camping. I worked on laundry and looked forward to taking Mia to the beach in the afternoon while we waited for Molly to get done with work. Shortly before we left, I suddenly felt nauseous; you know that feeling you get when you drink too much water on an empty stomach, like that. After sitting at the beach for two hours, I felt a little woozy, but I passed it off as too long in the sun. By the time, Molly got out of work, I was feeling really dizzy and when we got home, I had spots in front of my eyes.

Jesse got home shortly after we did, and when he saw my face and how I was walking, he grabbed a cold rag for me to put on the back of my neck. I drank some water thinking it was too much heat, but then I remembered that on Wednesday, I quit taking one of my meds. At my appointment, I asked the doctor if I could go off the med. I'd been on it for three months with no effects, and it was very expensive, so I didn't want to renew it. He said, sure, stop taking it. So I did. I looked up withdrawal online last night, and discovered that this isn't a drug you can stop taking cold turkey; it has to be tapered.

By that time, I was starting to feel electric shocks going from my elbows down into my fingertips. Molly dug the bottle out of the garbage for me (thank you Honey!) and I took a pill. I woke up this morning feeling just like I did yesterday. I guess I'll be on this med until the doctor comes up with a safe way for me to stop taking it. Thank God for the internet!

Blue Like Play Dough
by Tricia Goyer is a humorous down-to-earth look at the changes to a woman's soul brought about my motherhood. Goyer is one of my favorite authors for good reason; every book feels like a good chat with a close friend. She makes you laugh, cry, and warms your heart. In her journey from single teen mom, to writer/mom-to-three/wife/exchange student host/mission trip traveler/etc Goyer has allowed God to mold and stretch her through lessons taught by her children. It's an encouragement for moms everywhere who may feel like they are at the end of their rope. She reminds readers that God has a plan for each of us, and sometimes it isn't always comfortable. Always honest, often funny, she speaks words of hope to mothers, that we are not alone on this strange journey called motherhood.

Speaking of moms, today's pics are of my mom from camping last week.