Monday, January 19, 2009

The Perfect Match

My uncle Howard is still in critical condition. The CAT scan ruled out a stroke, thank God, and he has been showing some movement on his right side, saving us from the fear of paralyzation. However, they've been weaning him off of the sedation over the last couple of days, and he's not showing any signs of waking up. The doctor is a bit baffled. So keep praying.

I promised a review of Susan May Warren's A Perfect Match a week or so ago, and I like to keep my promises, so here you go!

A Perfect Match
by Susan May Warren in the third book in the Deep Haven series, but it's no trouble to slip into this book without being familiar with the first two. Ellie Karlson has just started as the interim fire chief of Deep Haven, Minnesota when she ends up rescuing the town's pastor, Dan Matthews. Sparks quickly fly between the two, and they each for their own reasons do their best to quench them. Warren uses lots of metaphors about fire, without ever overdoing it. Her detail about the work that firemen do is fascinating and adds to the story's interest. This is not one of Warren's best books, and as it is a reprint of a 2004, and I can see how her writing has flourished since then. The plot involving arson seems a bit forced and the perpetrator is obvious. However, I always love how Warren weaves faith through the very fabric of every story and then uses it to make her characters grow and come to life. It's a good romance with plenty of heat.

Today's pic is another one from If you haven't checked them out yet, do it today! I love their animals pix and so does Mia, except for this one. She's not a big fan of spiders.