Sunday, November 09, 2008

When Was God Born

Welcome to another edition of Mia & Mommy's Book Blog!

When Was God Born by Phillip W. Rodgers is his most recent entry in the Discovering God series starring Bailey Bear Cub. Bailey and his grandma are in the maternity waiting room at the hospital awaiting the birth of his new sibling, which Bailey is certain will be a boy. During the long wait, Bailey starts to wonder if God was ever a baby and if He was born. This is what Mia has to say: I learned about God in this book and that he wasn't born at all! He created everything, and He planned to make me before everything else. The little bear's name was Bailey, and he was waiting for his little brother or sister to be born. The last page made me laugh, because his grandma said that the baby might be a girl! My favorite picture was with all of the babies. I really liked the pictures of the world being made, and when he was painting the heart, and that God planned to make me! Now my thoughts: Rodgers' tackles a difficult question with ease. The rhyming couplets are never forced and and give the story bounce. Grams answers Baileys' questions with just enough depth to answer them truly without overwhelming him, plus she emphasizes God's desire for a relationship with him. Mia was deeply touched by the knowledge that God planned her before creating the world (as you can tell from her comments), and I think that it's a notion that will stick with her. Bailey's humorous asides on several pages are charming, especially his idea of God's Baby-Making machine. Mia laughed out loud at that, and so did I. As soon as we closed the cover on this book, she immediately demanded that we read it again. The second time through, she made a point of figuring out certain words, like God and you. When I brought the book out today to take her picture with it, she asked it we could read it again at bedtime. Obviously this is a book with staying power. I will be looking for the other books in the series!

I'll be back tomorrow with a busy week of blog tours and book reviews. It's been a long weekend!