Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Would Jesus Vote?

Mia is not having a good week, and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday I was in a world of pain, so I asked my mom to pick Mia up from the bus stop so I didn't have to drive. Unfortunately, my little brother pulled a disappearing act, and Mom got to the stop late, so the bus took Mia all the way back to the garage in Oconto Falls. She cried all the way there, and as soon as I found out what happened, I was in tears as well. Mom picked her up and brought her home, only a little worse for wear. She was teary and clingy when she got home, my poor baby! She complained of an upset tummy a little later, and that quickly turned into an all night vigil in the bathroom with diarrhea and stomach cramps. She's in good spirits today, other than frequent bathroom trips, but I couldn't send her to school this way. And that means that she missed her class' field trip to the local pumpkin farm. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow so she can attend the costume party, and I promised to take her to the farm myself on Thursday.

Check this book out before next Tuesday!

Book: How Would Jesus Vote?

Summary: The 2008 election is shaping up to be one of the most important political contests in American history. In fact, Dr. D. James Kennedy believes it will be a watershed moment that could impact our very survival as a nation under God.

Values voters—people whose political views and votes are based on their faith in God—are being targeted as never before. As the campaign season moves forward, the significant players will debate terrorism, radical Islam, nuclear threats, global warming, social issues, gay marriage, immigration, education, health care, and many other essential issues that can create sharp ideological divisions.

Into this overwhelmingly complex political situation, Dr. Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe bring a clear, compelling, and nonpartisan exploration of what God’s Word has to say on these critical matters. How Would Jesus Vote? isn’t intended to tell readers which candidates to support; rather it offers a Christ-centered understanding of the world to help readers draw their own political conclusions.

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