Thursday, July 17, 2008

Promises, Promises

I read this story about baby Emma Grace in the paper last weekend. It's one of the stories where you can quite literally see the hand of God at work. Sometimes I need to read stories like this because they help me keep my faith in the midst of trouble. I've been struggling with a lot of pain this week, and so I've been feeling down. I'm not finding solace in my Bible or in my devotional reading, but when I read something as wonderful as this, it restores my faith. I know that He is at work in the world, even when I don't see it in my own corner of the universe.

Promises, Promises by Amber Miller is a Heartsong romance taking place in 1736 Pennsylvania. Raelene Strattford's parents die in a tragic accident leaving her alone in a strange new country with responsibilities beyond what any 17 year old girl should be expected to bear. But Raelene promises her father that she will remain on the family farm and take care of it. Gustaf Hanssen, the handsome neighbor, also made a promise to Raelene's father: to care for Raelene and keep her safe. In order for her to keep the farm, she must work the land and produce a profit, plus get married before her 18th birthday, which is only six months away. Gustaf not only wants to help Raelene keep her farm, but also restore her relationship with God, who she has rejected since her parents' death. Raelene is haughty without being a brat, and her rejection and anger toward God is realistic. Gustaf's Swedish stoicism makes him a strong romantic lead. If you are a fan of romance novels, this one is sure to please!

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Amy Deardon said...

Christy, I found your blog on a search, also love writing so thought I'd say hi.