Friday, July 18, 2008

Love as a Way of Life

Molly has been grumbling all morning. Yesterday she spent the day with a friend and in return for a later curfew agreed to put all of the laundry away. But this morning, a family friend asked her to babysit for a few hours, plus she was invited to a sleepover tonight, plus to hang out with a few friends. The poor girl. She said, "I expected a quiet weekend where Molly could just hang out and rest, but no, I have to go to parties and a sleepover and babysit." And yes, she spoke of herself in the third person. Oh, the agony of being a popular teen!

Congratulations to Pam Egge and Mary Brown! They were the winners of a copy of Love as a Way of Life. If you didn't win, pick up a copy today; it's that good!

Love as a Way of Life by Gary Chapman is a book that could literally change the world. Chapman, who is most famous for his The Five Love Languages, has years of experience counselling couples and uses this knowledge to help us improve our own relationships. He breaks down love into several categories: forgiveness, honesty, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, humility, and patience. He explains why each aspect of love is essential in showing true love in every part of our lives. Not just our marriage, but in parenting, at work, and even in the people we meet every day at the grocery store. I am truly humbled by how little love I show to other people in my life, and I'm working to make serious changes. If everyone read this book and incorporated the changes into their lives, it would change the world from home to city to country and beyond. I can't recommend this book enough.

I have a request for Dr. Chapman: please write a version of this book for teenagers! Instead of marriage, parenting, and work, do family, friends, and school. This is a book that is begging to be written. I know that I would buy copies for each of my teens!