Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Whisper of Freedom

For the blog tour for Tricia Goyer's book A Whisper of Freedom, I'm participating in a Meme tour. Consider yourself tagged! Please post your answers to these questions either in the comments or if you have your own blog, do it there. Read below for a good reason why!

1. List three things you would do with a chest full of gold (assuming you got to keep it!)
Build our dream house, pay off our debts, donate donate donate!
2. List three charities/missions/organizations you support (and why).
I support my church, Gillett Baptist. We support 65RosesforPattySue, and the local food pantry, Kingdom Come.
3. List three ways you have volunteered your time/services.
I used to be the youth leader at our former church. I regularly chaperone field trips for Mia's class. I donate a TON of books to my library.
4. List three things you keep "hidden" when company comes over.
Laundry, the girls' room, Doogie's bedding.
5. List the last three things you've lost.
Control, the adapter for my digital camera, the charger for my cellphone.
6. List the last three things you've found.
New friends, a new church, a little girl in my bed.

Now that you've read it, do your own. Three brave "players" will be selected at random to win their own lost gold (Gourmet chocolate coins and all three books in the Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War series). To enter all you have to do is answer the MEME on your blog and then leave a comment on Tricia’s blog tour post here that you’ve posted your MEME. Easy.

And wait, there are more chances to win! During the tour, you can enter to win one of FIVE signed copies of A Whisper of Freedom by signing up for Tricia's newsletter here!

A Whisper of Freedom by Tricia Goyer is the third and final book in the Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War series. It picks up almost immediately after book 2 (I recommend reading the two back to back). Sophie, Phil, and Walt have escaped with the truckload of gold they stole from Michael. Deion is still fighting, not only in the trenches but his feelings for Gwen as well. Jose and Ramona remain separated by their individual quests, and Father Manuel is still in Paris trying to find for what purpose God brought him there. Each one of these stories is powerful in its own right and could carry a book, but Goyer wraps them all together under the mantle of the Spanish Civil War and creates a book that is filled with tension and drama. Secret brothers, hidden gold, and politics make for a book that's tough to put down. Goyer has a talent for creating realistic characters and dialogue that allow the reader to be in the moment. She ends this series well, while there are some loose ends, the book ends with hope.

I had the injection today. Jesse took the day off to drive me so that I could be sedated for the procedure. That's why I'm posting so late. I just woke up, and I don't really remember anything of the day, especially the shot. Thank God for that!


Tricia Goyer said...

Hi Christy

Hope you're feeling well.

Thanks for joining the tour and playing along with the meme!