Friday, May 16, 2008

Healing Promises

Yesterday I received my first hip injection, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thank you for your prayers, they definitely helped! Jesse took the day off to drive me so I was able to have conscious sedation, which I needed! The nurses could tell I was absolutely petrified with fear, but when they put the medication in the IV, there was no more fear. In fact, I don't remember anything after that until about 5 pm last night when I woke up in bed. I have very fragmented memories between those times, but none at all of the procedure. My hip does feel better today, but I'm taking it easy for the next couple days to give it time to work. If this works, I hope to get injections in maybe my knees and shoulders as well.

Healing Promises by Amy Wallace is the second book in the Defenders of Hope series. Clint Rollins is known throughout the FBI for his competitive nature, his toughness, and his faith, but all three are tested when he gets an unexpected diagnosis of cancer. His illness throws his family, especially his oncologist wife Sara, into turmoil. He desperately doesn't want to stop working, because he's on a tough case involving a serial kidnapper. Clint's best friend Steven Kessler returns from Ransomed Dreams and continues his romance with kindergarten teacher Gracie. While the suspense story involving the kidnapping is thrilling and compelling, the story really shines in during the scenes about Clint's cancer and how it effects his marriage. Wallace describes his illness and its side effects, physical and mental with no holds barred clarity. Clint's cancer robs him of his strength and control until he starts to trust in God to take care of those things for him. Sara also struggles not to base her happiness on circumstances or people but instead on the Lord. The next book will feature Steven's sister Hanna and co-worker Michael. It promises to be a terrific read.

The winners of my contest for a copy of this book were Tammy Wagner and Cindy Magnin. Congratulations to both of you!