Friday, May 09, 2008

The Monster of Florence

Molly's teacher submitted a poem that Molly had written to a contest for young writers. It was selected to be published in a magazine called Echoes Across the Bay. She brought it home yesterday, and I'm so proud, I just had to share.

Staring at the dark night sky,
I make a wish on a flyby star.
Close my eyes
Bite my lips
Hoping and praying
God won't forget me
Staring at the night sky
I reminisce on my horrid day.
Angry girls
Teasing boys
Wanting to disappear.
Staring at the dark night sky,
I realize this...
it does not matter
what they think
it does not matter what they say
I'll always know
God won't forget.

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi is a non-fiction book with more twists and turns that most suspense novels. When Preston moved to Florence, Italy in 2000 he met journalist Spezi and learned about a series of murders from the 1970s and 80s that Spezi covered for his newspaper. Young couples were murdered while parking in their cars in the picturesque countryside by a vicious killer. The authorities had been spinning their wheels for over 30 years and the investigation was caught up in political machinations. When Preston started investigating the crimes himself for a newspaper article, the spotlight suddenly shone on him, as well as Spezi, who soon became accused of committing the murders himself. Preston lays the foundation for his case carefully, brick by brick leading the reader to the same conclusion that he and Spezi reached about the identity of the killer whom the local police refuse to consider as a suspect. The book is a dark look into the twisted maneuverings of Italian politics and how they tried to muzzle freedom of speech. It's a true crime book with a twist that makes it impossible to put down. Add this title to your summer must read list!

I'll be starting a new book contest on Monday; make sure you come back then! Have a wonderful weekend!