Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Giant Hug

Do you ever pray one of those prayers that's absolutely impossibly, but you can't help asking for it? All day I've been asking God to make today Friday. I don't think I can manage another day in this week. The cold weather has settled in my joints, and no amount of pain medication seems to touch it anymore. I have an appointment with a new doctor, but I can't get in until March 10.

My dad and stepmom stopped by yesterday to drop by the kids' Valentine's Day presents. Dad said he talked to a friend of his who has polymyalgia, which is similar to fibromyalgia. Dad suggested that I look into it, maybe it's closer to what I have than rheumatoid arthitis. Then he said that his friend, Tim, has been going to a great doctor in Green Bay that I should check out, Dr. ___ ___. I swore (oops) in my response. It was the same doctor who told me I had to learn to deal with my pain because it was never going to get any better! How can a doctor be a life saver to one patient, and bete noir to another??

Happy Valentine's Day, btw! I don't normally review children's books, but this one is so good, and I think it's perfect for today.

The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning and Valeri Gorbachev tells the tale of Owen, the pig's, present for his Grandmother's birthday. Owen decides that he wants to send her a hug, so he travels to the post office and begins a journey that touches each person (animal) in its path, as well as the reader. Gorbachev's pictures are softly colored with charming animals and images. Owen's hug works its way from his post office, to the airport, all the way to Grandmother's house with everyone who touches the letter receiving and giving a hug. This leads to amusing scenes with a porcupine and a sad stork (who ends up planning a date with a fox!). Each character has a different reaction to the hug, but they are all moved by it. The book also has a bit of an educational lesson showing how the mail moves across the country. I read a lot of books to my five year old daughter, Mia, and this is one of our favorites. The story is unique, the artwork sweet, and the story a pleasure to share with your child.

Please say a few prayers for my mom's family. Jake is going to have another treatment at the doctor's today. His platelets have plummeted back down to 10,000. My stepdad may have had a mini-stroke last week. He's going to a neurologist on Monday. And to top it all off, their dog, Dotty, has to have an eye removed or she will die. She's in a lot of pain, and the procedure is expensive.