Friday, January 11, 2008

What's the Big Deal About Jesus?

Jake's platelets are up to 145,000, so the medicine worked, and the doctor has decided it really is ITP. He has to go back in two weeks for another blood test to see if his platelets are dropping again. If so, he'll get regular infusions of WinRo. No contact sports, and he has to be careful. Now we have to see how this is going to impact the decision for brain surgery. I'll keep you updated.

Last night I took Mia to watch Molly cheer at the junior varsity basketball game. I love high school basketball. I was statitician for the team when I was in high school (my kids are rolling their eyes right now because they've heard the story so many times), and I learned a lot about the game. It was a way to be a part of a sport that I had no talent for. I had to split my time between watching the team and watching the cheerleaders. Molly's squad is good, other than the time they accidentally cheered when the other team got a basket. She looks cute in her uniform and gets really into the cheering. It's fun to watch your child in their territory when they forget you're around. After the JV game, we stayed for the varsity game. I kept an eye on her as she bounced with her friends, flirted with a certain boy, and then did a 180 with extra politeness for parents and teachers. I'll be buying a season pass to watch the games both on and off the court.

What's the Big Deal About Jesus by John Ankerberg & Dillon Burroughs is a perfect apologetic book. The authors sift through historical and archaeological information to give readers the lowdown on what we can really know about Jesus. From Was the tomb really empty to Did Jesus say he was the Son of God? each chapter addresses a specific question raised not only by nonbelievers, but by believers themselves who want to know the truth about Jesus. Did you know that there are LOTS of historical attestations to the character of Jesus outside of the Bible? Or that archaeologists have found Peter's house in Capernaum and Lazarus' tomb in Bethany? Me neither, and this book has not only information you can use to defend your faith, it also has factual tidbits that are fascinating. Sometimes apologetics books lean too heavily on Scripture alone for support or are written for scholars rather than laypeople. The authors are down to earth, at times humorous, and real. This book could easily be used in a Bible study or for youth; it's an excellent resource.

I'm looking forward to this weekend: no plans, no expectations. I'm hoping to work on laundry and relaxing with a couple of good books.