Thursday, January 17, 2008

Self Talk, Soul Talk

The kids are home, safe and sound, from school. Despite predictions from all of the area weathermen that we were going to get 6" of snow today, our school held classes anyway. I didn't send Mia so that I didn't have to drive all the way into the Falls, but Molly insisted on going in case the basketball game was held tonight as planned. As a cheerleader, she can't miss a game. Of course, shortly after they got to school, it was announced that it would close two hours early, and the games for tonight were cancelled. Interesting note: the teachers were not informed of the early dismissal.

Last night Mom called a little after 8:30: she needed the last name of my grandma's neighbor because Grandma wasn't answering the phone. Mom had a weird feeling that something wasn't right. Five minutes later, Jake called saying that Mom was running to Grandma's house because she had fallen and the ambulance was on its way. It turns out that right after Mom walked out to her car, (she had been visiting Grandma while Jake was in confirmation class) Grandma slipped in the kitchen and fell. She called for Mom, and Mom heard something, but thought it was just snow falling under the car. But when she got home, she had this hinky (her word) feeling that something wasn't right (hello Holy Spirit!). Grandma bumped her hand, tore her skin, and broke her hip. Mom's been running on close to empty for the last couple of weeks. Between Jake's ITP diagnosis, plus his Tourette's, plus work and home, she's been burning the candle at both ends. Now she feels awful because she didn't go back in immediately. She spent several hours at the hospital until they transferred Grandma to St. Mary's in Green Bay. Jesse had to run into Pulaski to tell Jeff, because we couldn't reach him by phone. The whole family (minus Mia who had blessedly fallen asleep an hour before the drama started) was in an uproar until close to midnight.

Mom and Jeff took Jake to Madison this morning for his appointment with the brain surgeon. They left at 7 am for their 11:20 appointment. Mom packed blankets, pillows, and snacks just in case of trouble during the storm. Grandma had surgery at noon. I should have news of how she's doing soon. Grandma is a fantastic woman. When Mom and Jeff got married just over 4 years ago, she welcomed all of us into the family with open arms. Mia calls her Nana, and Nana loves having a granddaughter, plus two great-granddaughters after two sons and four grandsons (plus growing up with four brothers). Grandma's smart and funny, and I don't spend any where near enough time with her.

Self Talk Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild is a wonderful, convicting devotional. Rothschild, who is blind, addresses all of the ways that we hurt ourselves by thinking and talking to ourselves in negative ways. God loves us and calls us His own, so when we berate ourselves for mistakes and say that we're stupid, we're giving in to the words of Satan. Rothschild helps to discern between helpful lessons and harsh criticism. She uses the analogy of a closet to help the reader understand better how we can change our inner thoughts. We wouldn't wear clothing that came out of the dump or garbage, so why do we allow ourselves to wear attitudes created by harmful self talk? I was convicted multiple times by Rothschild firm, but gentle, teaching. The chapters are short and easy to read in one night. I really enjoyed reading this book, learning about Rothschild, a fantastic role model, and working to change my own soul talk.

Please say a prayer for Grandma and Mom. They both need strength and healing.

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