Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christian Writer's Market Guide 2008

I've come across a few really nifty websites you should check out. First up, is Mr. Cheap Stuff. He has online deals and freebies almost every day. Want a subscription to Golf Digest or Business Weekly? There are free ones you can sign up for there right now.

FoxNews had a link to several webcams yesterday on their main page. Mia and I watched Old Faithful erupt in Yosemite and saw birds on the African savannah. We looked at the Great Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower. You can visit the whole world through these webcams. It's now on my favorites list.

Last, and most important, please check out this father's blog. His wife, Tricia, has cystic fibrosis, and just when she made it on the transplant list, they discovered she was pregnant. Last week, she gave birth to their daughter Gwyneth at 25 weeks. Tricia is having trouble breathing and communicating. Gwyneth has all of the predictable troubles of a preemie. He's updating his blog several times a day with pictures of the baby. Please check out the blog and say some prayers for the family. I am moved by their strength and faith, and you will be too.

Christian Writer's Market Guide 2008 by Sally Stuart is an amazing resource for Christian writers. With lists of agents, publishing houses, periodicals, writers' groups and conferences, this is a book that can and should change the life of any writer reading it. I found several magazines I intend to submit articles and reviews to, plus several agents who are willing to look at unpublished authors. The book is arranged in an easy to understand fashion with TONS of info packed on every page. A CD is included with the listings, so you can search through them on your computer as well. Stuart has provided a unique and vital help for any Christian writer either well established or just getting started. Don't pass this one up!

I originally made my New Year's resolution to be more patient. I'm changing it now to use this book throughout the entire year. Every month I'm going to submit something to somebody, whether it's an article, review, or query.


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