Thursday, November 16, 2006

Faith of a Child & Straight Up

Yesterday after I picked the kids up from school, Doogie and Mia watched Monster House. It didn't seem to bother her until bedtime. She looked into the closet and said that the clothes hanging in the dark scared her a little. I suggested that we say her prayers so she would know that God was watching out for her. I started to say the standard "Now I lay me..." prayer, but she interrupted me saying she wanted to say a special prayer. This is what she said. "God is good all the time. I love him forever and I want him forever. God is good all the time because he loves us forever and is with us forever and He's everywhere." I was humbled by the words of my 3-1/2 year old daughter. She didn't ask Him for a single thing. My own prayer journal is filled with requests. She simply offered up her praise and love for Him in her own words. She laid down and went to sleep without another worry. I want that simple kind of faith for myself. Thank God for children who can teach us how to love Him.

Straight Up by Lisa Samson is another fantastic book by my favorite author. Georgia Bishop suffered the loss of her mother at an early age and has never quite recovered. Her cousin Fairly lost the love of her life and is struggling to remain numbed and keep the world out so it can't hurt her again. Georgia and Fairly's stories come together and entwine, but Samson cleverly keeps the characters apart forcing each to deal with their own problems and how they impact others. The narration jumps between Georgia, Fairly and two other characters whose relevance isn't immediately known. Samson does a terrific job of giving each character a distinctive speaking voice; Georgia's is especially well done. Reading a Lisa Samson book is like listening to the Indigo Girls: the words lift and elevate the subject moving the reader deeply into the story. There is a lyricism to her writing that is rarely found in books. Her metaphors make every scene come alive. I always feel a connection to a Lisa Samson story either through myself or someone I love, and it gives me a greater understanding of me and my relationship with God. She never overdoes the spiritual aspect of a story, but makes it integral to the character in a way that seems natural. One of the blurbs on the back of the book called Samson one of the best Christian writers today. I take issue with that. I feel that Lisa Samson is one of the best writers today. And she writes a darn good blog too!

Tonight is Mia's class pre-union. The school district is having a party for the kids in the class 2021 (doesn't that number sound ridiculous?) so parents can find out about the kindergarden programs and such. Have a wonderful day and try to keep the faith of a child in your heart!


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