Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad Dream

It's all just a bad dream isn't it? Somebody please tell me that Nancy Pelosi is not the new Speaker of the House. I can't believe that the Democrats swept the elections last night. I agree that there are changes needed in our government, but I fear what changes may come from yesterday.

I finally finished unpacking the kitchen and getting everything put to rights today. Between work and life, it's been hard to get things done, but today the kitchen, tomorrow the living room! We realized as we were moving that our clothes dryer was gas, and the new house doesn't have gas, so we left it behind for the new owner. Unfortunately, that leaves us without a dryer, so everything has to be hung up in the basement to dry.

Molly's performing in Appleton on Saturday in Singing in Wisconsin. It's a select group of students chosen for their singing ability that perform songs in different areas around the state. This is her second year in that program. She was also selected for All State Honors Choir. Only four kids from her school were chosen for that program. Doogie performed in that choir when he was in eighth grade too.

I think I hear a load of laundry calling my name, so I'm off until tomorrow when I'll post reviews of The Cubicle Next Door and Culture Warrior.