Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Trust and tests

Isn't funny how the Lord seems to put the right book in your hands at just the time that you need it? I got the test results back today from Friday, and everything came back normal. I know that should be the desired result, but I've been undiagnosed for over 18 months, and I was pinning a lot of hopes on this test giving some answers. I woke up feeling tired and achy, and with the message from the doctor, I'm ready to fall into a full out funk. But last night I finished reading Dreamers by Angela Hunt and seeing the book on the end table reminded me of the message I found inside.

Dreamers by Angela Hunt is the fictionalized story of Joseph from the Bible. Hunt is always compelling with her Biblical fiction, but this book sucked me in so completely that at times I found myself worrying about what was going to happen next even though I know how the story ends! This is just the first book in a trilogy about Joseph and his family and covers the time from his becoming a slave until shortly before his brothers come from Canaan seeking food. I always viewed Joseph as a paragon of virtue in the Bible. While God chooses some shady characters on occasion to use and make His covenant with (Jacob, Samson, even Abram), Joseph always comes out with a shine. This book really showed a different, but completely realistic, side to Joseph. It's easy to see how pride could overtake him. The level of detail of Egyptian life and culture is wonderful. Hunt has done so much research into history; she truly makes it come alive. The message of Dreamers is trusting in God. Joseph has to learn to rely on the Lord instead of himself and his own abilities and trust that God has a plan in mind for him. Tuya also has to learn to trust the Lord with nothing less than her own heart and know that He works all things for good. I've read reviews cutting down the romance between Joseph and Tuya in the book, but this relationship is handled beautifully with restraint and realistic growth between both characters. Angela Hunt has written another wonderful piece of Biblical fiction that can enlighten the heart.

The message of trusting in God to work all things toward good is what I'm holding on to today. I may not have the answers, but He does, and I trust in that.