Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Choice

The Choice by Robert Whitlow is a powerful story of the consequences a single choice can make, the how it sends ripples down through the years through lives we couldn't begin to imagine. Sandy Lincoln is the most popular girl in her high school in 1974 Rutland, Georgia: cheerleader, straight A student, dating the football star. She had everything going for her until she allows him to persuade her to go farther than she knew she should and that one experience leaves her pregnant and her world shattered. The football star tries to force her into abortion, and even her father agrees it may be the best option, but Sandy's mother and aunt want her to consider adoption, in order not to punish a child innocent of any wrong. Sandy decides to put her child up for adoption, but on the way to move in with her aunt, she meets a strange woman who tells her that she is pregnant with twin boys, and she must be very careful in what she decides to do with them. Sandy is deeply disturbed and shaken by the woman's words, and that shapes her actions in the months and years to come, and then again thirty-three years later when she meets them under circumstances no one would even dream. I was a teenage mother in high school, and Whitlow does a great job of portraying the ostracism and shame associated with it. Sandy is a likable protagonist, and the reader is quickly pulled into her story and comes to care about her deeply. The story is compelling and well-written. I started and finished it in one evening, because I just couldn't put it down. In fact, as I noticed I was beginning to run out of pages, I tried to read more slowly, in order to remain with these characters for as long as I could. I do think that the threads were all tied up just a bit too neatly. The rest of the story seems like real life, and life doesn't work like that. But that's a very small flaw in a terrific book.

Thank you to LitFuse for providing me with a copy of this book for review. Please take a look at other reviews of the book here:

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