Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Fine Art of Insincerity

The Fine Art of Insincerity: A NovelThe Fine Art of Insincerity by Angela Hunt is an insightful look at the relationships that shape us especially that between sisters. Ginger, Penny, and Rose spent their childhood summers that their Grandma Lillian's cottage on St Simon's Island. Since then, they've racked up nine marriages between them, rivaling Lillian's seven marriages before her death. The three have grown apart in many ways over the years, and are forced to come together to clean out the cottage for its sale. Each woman arrives on the brink of major change in her life (even if she isn't aware of it yet). Penny has decided to leave her husband, Bob, because even though he loves her, he wants a child, and she's already found his replacement. Rose has postponed her impending suicide to spend this weekend fooling her sisters into thinking she's fine, so when she drives off of a bridge they will think it was an accident. Since a miscarriage two years ago, Rose has isolated herself from any joy in the world, including in her relationship with husband, Wort. Ginger has always felt like she knows better than her younger two sisters, especially after she nearly raised them herself after their mother's abandonment. She arrives filled with advice and judgment on their many marriages, but when a phone call to her husband Mike shocks her and shakes her foundations, she is forced to reconsider everything she thought she knew. Hunt is absolutely one of the best writers in the business. I love how she never shoves religion on readers. Narration alternates between the sisters, giving readers an inside view into their lives and how they view this weekend of reconciliation. This is a fantastic read about relationships, faith, love, and most of all hope.

Thank you to Glass Road Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book for review.