Tuesday, June 21, 2011

False Witness

I ask for your prayers today. My doctor switched my pain meds, and I have been in excruciating pain since yesterday. If it doesn't get better this will most likely be my last post this week and until I am better.

False WitnessFalse Witness by Randy Singer is an update of the writer's Christian legal fiction novel about the witness protection program. The book is told in two parts. In the first, Clark Shealy is just an everyday guy trying to make a buck working as a bounty hunter when his wife, Jessica, is kidnapped by the Chinese mafia and he is ordered to find a mysterious Indian man who has a mathematical formula that could rock the world. Clark's life is turned upside down and he discovers things he didn't know he was capable of in his quest to rescue the woman he loves. The second part of the novel picks up four years later with three law students who are hired by a mysterious couple to help them renegotiate their terms in the witness protection program after someone leaks their new identities to their old enemies. Singer puts some crack the whip turns here, surprising the reader at nearly every turn. There is some brutal violence, but the crux of the story is about faith and trust. Who can we trust? How far would you go for the ones you love? And what does God excuse in extreme circumstances. There are double crosses on top of double crosses and never a boring moment. My only regret about this book was that Singer didn't use these characters again. Maybe with the rerelease of this novel, he finally will.

Thank you to The B&B Media Group for providing me with a copy of this book for review!