Monday, April 18, 2011

Max on Life

Today I'm beginning something new here on Christy's Book Blog. I've talked in the past about my struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, but I've always tried to keep it light, not to make it the whole focus of my blog or my life. But God has given me a nudge that I'm not the only one suffering from chronic pain, and that by speaking openly about my struggle, I just may be able to help someone else.

For the last couple of weeks I've been worried about Mia, my eight-year-old daughter. When she was four she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She had a lot of pain in her right knee, so we took her in, got the diagnosis, and gave her naproxen daily. We also rallied up our prayer warriors, and she went into remission just five months later. The doctors said they'd never seen anything like it, and we counted ourselves blessed. Mia occasionally complained of pain in her knees or elbows, usually during a major weather change when I would also be suffering. A couple weeks ago Mia woke up crying at 4:30 am from pain her in right elbow. She complained pretty often after that, so I've been giving her Aleve for the past week. Even still, she woke up some morning crying from the pain.

It's a terrible thing to live every moment in pain. I've been there for the past six years. I've learned to live my life and make the best of it. I've learned to lean on God and trust him to get me through it. But when my baby girl starts hurting like I do,  I find myself questioning His ways. I know that it's foolish, but the idea of Mia having to face a life like mine makes me want to break down and cry. It just doesn't seem fair. I know that's not the Christian way to think, but I'm being honest. I'm used to pain, but I would do anything to make Mia's stop, and it breaks my heart that I can't.

Today I brought her into the doctor who did some blood tests. The good news is: everything came back normal. The bad news is, now we have no idea what's causing the pain. I'll keep you updated as the situation continues.

Max On Life: Answers and Insights to Your Most Important QuestionsMax on Life by Max Lucado is the popular minister/author's answers to some of the real questions people ask him. Lucado tackles some of the really hard questions about life: why doesn't God answer my prayers? how do I forgive someone who refuses to acknowledge the pain they cause? what's the point to prayer if God has it all planned out anyway? and many, many more. Lucado uses his usual folksy charm and conversational tone in answering these questions. Sometimes his answer only seems to cover the surface of the question, but most of his answers are inspiring and encouraging. He uses Scripture to back up his answers, giving them additional weight. The book is like taking all of your hardest questions to your pastor, with touches of humor, warmth, and compassion. It's a terrific book for those firm in their faith and those who are at the beginning of their faith journey. Max on Life a book to read and then pass on to a friend, because everyone has asked at least one of these questions, and Lucado's answers are real and relevant.

Thank you to BookSneeze for providing me with a copy of this book for review.