Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Copper Star

Copper Star (Copper Star Series, Book 1)Don't forget to sign up for my contest this week to win a copy of James MacDonald's Always True. It's a powerful testament to God's faithfulness. Just send me an email before 10 pm on Friday, February 11th to enter. I'll announce the winner here on Saturday, February 12th. Good luck!

Copper Star by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a WWII romance with an exciting helping of romance and intrigue. Louisa Schmetterling has fled her beloved homeland of Germany in 1943 when her work with the underground Resistance movement is threatened by her fear of getting caught. Her mentor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer sends her to his friend from seminary, Robert Gordon who is a minister in the small mining town of Copper Springs, Arizona, where she has a difficult time fitting in. Louisa's outspoken ways shake up the Gordon household where no one speaks of Robert's mysterious missing wife, five-year-old son William has been written off as handicapped, and Aunt Martha runs the house with an iron fist. Louisa's love for others soon has William diagnosed as being mildly deaf and learning to speak, Robert's sermons have added depth from her input, and new pet Dog added as a member of the family. Despite the roots she is putting down, Louisa has no desire to stay in Arizona, feeling called back to her homeland to do something about the atrocities there, and her work in the Resistance just may come back to haunt her, even here in the US, when she crosses the wrong man in town. This is one of Fisher's earlier novels, but it already shows the talent and strong characterization her later books display. Her love for famous Lutheran minister Bonhoeffer shines through Louisa and readers who are unfamiliar with him will be intrigued by this fascinating real-life character. Louisa is a smart and quick-thinking heroine, but it's her love for those around her that make the people of Copper Springs, as well as readers, fall in love with her. The novel is a look at how Americans viewed WWII  through the eyes of a German Jewish woman who witnessed it firsthand. Powerful, moving, and exciting, readers will be hooked on Fisher's writing with this book.

Thank you to Vinspire Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book for review!