Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I hate to admit it, but for me, Christmas is all about the gifts. Gifts are my love language which means not only do I love to receive them, but it's how I show my love for others as well. I start shopping back in September, and I spend a lot of time coming up with just the right gift for each person. I may buy the occasional splurge, spur of the moment item, but the most of the time, when I buy a gift, it's after a lot of thought and consideration. I enjoy doing it, and I think that's why I get bummed when I get a gift from someone that didn't require any thought or is the same as they give others. It doesn't make me feel very loved (there are exceptions to this rule of course).

I live for Christmas morning, watching my children open their gifts and their eyes light up with joy; it just doesn't get any better for me than that. Sometimes I spend more than I should, and I always spend the two weeks before the big day panicking that I don't have enough presents for each person, but the payout is Christmas morning when the paper flies and faces are wreathed with smiles.

So remember that today is our gift from God. He sent his only Son to earth, in the form of a baby boy, to grow up and die for us on the cross. Jesus is our gift, our most awesome gift from our loving Lord. In your entire life, you will never receive a gift like this one -the gift of everlasting life and freedom from sin and sorrow. Joy to the world, indeed!

Merry Christmas from me and my family!