Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God's Comeback Kids

I read a lot of books over the course of a year, and often I've been contacted by a publisher, publicity agent, or even an author who will ask me to review a specific title. I think I say yes more than I say no, but I do try to keep it down to titles I truly think I'll enjoy. Over the course of doing this for five years, I've established relationships with several of those people, and I've found that some authors are incredibly nice people. I've met some terrific people this way.

A few months ago I was contacted by Don Kimrey to review his self-published book God's Comeback Kids. I don't usually do self-published titles, but Don's email was so humble and hopeful, I had to take a look at the book. I'm so very glad I did, and I'll get into that in the review. But first I have to tell you what an amazing man Don Kimrey is. Just over three weeks ago, I faced some enormous heartache and stress. I forced myself to go through my normal Bible reading routine that night in hopes of finding some comfort. When I opened Don's book, I read words that spoke directly to my situation and my heart. I felt immediately that God was with me in my pain, and I felt so blessed by Don's writing. I sent him an email the next day giving him just the faint outlines of what was going on in my life and then telling him what his words had meant to me. Don replied with an understanding that helped my heart, as well as an offer of prayers and encouragement. Later that day I received an email from his wife, to whom Don had forwarded my email, also filled with words of love and prayer.

Don and his wife Linda are what we call "good people", full of love and God's Word and with a heart for prayer. I'm so glad that I agreed to review this book, because it truly is a wonderful read and well worth your time, but also because it gave me the opportunity to know the Kimreys.

God's Comeback Kids by Don Kimrey is a enlightening and enjoyable look at several Bible figures who with God had a second chance at life. From Joseph's trip into slavery, then prison on to second-in-charge of Egypt to Moses' life in Pharaoh's palace then as a fugitive in the mountains to leader of the Exodus to Peter's life as a ruddy fisherman to a impetuous disciple to the head of the Way, Kimrey takes readers through each person's story and truly brings them to life. Kimrey's writing is wonderfully conversational with a touch of humor and charm. He even drops the occasional bad joke to help readers feel comfortable and make each nightly read more enjoyable. Kimrey writes as though these biblical characters are old friends of his, so he easily makes them real. He includes quotes from theologians, personal reflections, and the occasional funny bit. All together it reads like a top notch sermon. I looked forward to my nightly reading in God's Comeback Kids. It felt like time spent with a good friend who had a deeper understanding of the Bible than I do and can't wait to share. Kimrey isn't a professional writer; he's just a man with a deep love for the Lord and a desire to share his learnings with others, and in this book, he does just that remarkably well.

Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of this book for review!

Today's picture is of Mia with her new glasses. She's so proud, and I think she looks beautiful!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Great review on Don's book. I haven't read it, but look forward to doing so in the future.


CV said...

Christy, you hit the nail on the head about the Kimreys, they are wonderful people as well as true friends. What you don't realize is those biblical characters are his personal friends, because Don (not Linda) is as old as Methuselah. I know because I was there! Thank you for your moving review of his "Masterpiece", completed with love for his Master. God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Christy. Your review is so kind and generous. My desire as I went through the writing process was that God would guide my thinking and use the project in ways which would help restore faith, renew and strengthen hope and courage to some who may have been bruised a bit by life. If He uses me in that way, I'll be blessed and grateful and share credit with folks like you for your encouragement. ~donkimrey