Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mother & Daughter Poems

Last Saturday night Mia slept with me while Jess had a DJ gig. Like any mother, I love watching my little girl sleep. If I watched her that intently while she was awake, she'd worry that something was wrong, but when she's asleep, I can look to my heart's content. A phrase jumped to mind about her, and when I went to write it down, a whole poem poured out onto the page. I haven't written a poem in years, so I was a little surprised, but pleased with the outcome.

The next morning, I told Mia about it, and she asked if I would share it with her, so I read it to her (through a tight throat). She responded by saying that she was going to write a poem for me. I'd like to share both of these poems with you today. Please know that I didn't not help Mia one bit with her poem, not advice on word choice, phrasing, anything. She wrote this independently, and I am so proud. It's hard to believe that she is just seven.

The first poem is mine to her, the second, hers to me. The first picture we took last week at the pumpkin farm. The second one is of the first moment I truly was able to hold her after she was born. It's one of my all-time favorite pictures.

Sleeping Beauty
I watch you sleep
your long limbs loose and easy.
I study your beautiful feet
checking to see if they look at all
like mine.
Your legs and arms so perfectly formed
I marvel at God's work in you.
Your deep sighing breaths
your mouth open just so-
you are never more beautiful than this.
I am blessed that you are my daughter,
and I offer up a prayer
that you will always want to be close to me
like this.
Just like this.

Beauty is My Mom
Your eyes shimmer like the stars above
your face shines like the sun.
Your smile is as gorgeous as the full moon.
Your hair is as beautiful as flower petals.
You are as graceful as the song "Grace Like Rain".
You have a laugh that makes me smile,
and you are the sight of Heaven.
I am proud you are my mom,
and I love you!