Thursday, September 02, 2010

Never Let You Go

I never cease to be awed by God's creation. Yesterday while Mia and I were driving into town after I picked her up from the bus, she saw a cloud in the shape of a heart. I told her that it was God telling her how much He loves her, and she couldn't stop smiling. The cloud broke up just a few seconds later, and we both thought it was amazing how the cloud was in the shape of a heart just long enough for Mia to see it and acknowledge it as hers, and then it was gone.

Today on the way home, I saw a bald eagle sitting on top of a pole just off of the road. I raced home to grab my camera and was thrilled that it was still there when I got back. I got the picture you see, then got out of the van quietly and started walking toward it for a better picture. It took off soaring, and it was a beautiful sight just to watch it float over the field.

Never Let You Go by Erin Healy is a poignant and frightening look at the harsh consequences of unforgiveness. Lexi Solomon is struggling to make ends meet as a single mom to nine-year-old Molly. When her estranged husband Grant shows up, followed by her drug dealer friend Warden, Lexi's life is suddenly thrown into turmoil, especially when Warren threatens to hurt Molly if Lexi doesn't speak at the parole hearing of her sister's murderer, Norman, in an attempt to get him freed from prison early. Lexi's history is complicated and she is quickly overwhelmed and trapped by the demands of Warden and her fears of losing Molly for good. Healy, who has written terrific thrillers with Ted Dekker, puts her experience to good use here. Readers will feel torn for Lexi's sake. She seems to be trapped by her past, and with every turn of the page, her situation just gets worse and worse. Warden is a terrifying villain who is always one step ahead of Lexi. There are spiritual elements, but Healy keeps them to just the right level. It keeps readers guessing and creates tension and fear without overusing it. Lexi is presented with a powerful choice, one that readers face on a daily basis, although not as extreme as hers, and there's an excellent message in it.

Thank you to Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists for providing me with a copy of this book for review.