Friday, September 10, 2010

For Time and Eternity

For Time and Eternity (Sister Wife)For Time and Eternity by Allison Pittman is the first book in the Sister Wife series. Camilla Deardon is smitten by Nathan Fox from the moment she lays eyes on him and he swipes the cheese and milk she was bringing to her teacher. Although her parents have warned her to stay away from the Mormons who are camping outside of her small Iowan town, she can't stop thinking about this young man who is the first person to treat her as though she has true value. She runs away, almost without meaning to, and baptized one day into the religion and the next day married to Nathan. Six years later their marriage is still filled with joy and passion, until the Mormon leaders question his faith because he's only taken one wife. Camilla is forced to face something most wives would not bear, but her newfound faith in the true God will carry her through. Pittman's writing is incredible, and I am a big fan. She pulls the reader so completely into her world, it's hard to remember that these are fictitious characters; when I lifted my head from the page, I half-expected to see Camilla and Nathan. Her dialogue and characterizations are terrific. Even though this isn't a suspense novel, technically, Pittman creates taut suspense and dread with each turn of the page. I am incredibly grateful to Pittman for including the first chapter in the next book in the series, I don't think that I could have slept otherwise! This is a must-read for any fans of historical fiction.

Thank you to Glass Road PR for providing me with a copy for review.