Monday, August 30, 2010

Amish Proverbs

Amish Proverbs: Words of Wisdom from the Simple LifeEvery family has them, the sayings that get passed down from generation to generation. My dad's were about work: Any job worth doing is a job worth doing well and Don't start unless you're going to finish. Mom's were about being polite and hospitable: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all and There's always room for someone else at the table.

The Amish people have a plethora of proverbs covering nearly every part of life. Suzanne Woods Fisher has put some of the best of them together in a terrific hardcover gift book. The publisher was kind enough to send me an extra copy to give away to one lucky reader, but I'm throwing in a little something extra:  a real Amish craft. The semi-annual Amish quilt sale is being held in our area this weekend, and my mom and I have made an event of it for the last ten years or so. I'll pick up something there for my lucky readers. It may be a wall hanging, baby quilt, set of potholders, or a wooden craft item. I won't know until I find it, so there's an element of surprise in this contest, and it's definitely worth signing up! So send a proverb from your family to me via email or comment here on this post, and I'll put your name in the hat. Contest ends on Saturday, Sept. 4th at 8 pm. I'll announce the winner on Sunday, Sept. 5th and post a picture of the prize the lucky winner is receiving.

Amish Proverbs by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a terrific hardcover gift book. The Amish have tons of proverbs that cover nearly every aspect of their lives, and Fisher has put them together along with beautiful photographs and profiles of some Amish people that exemplify the words of wisdom. Her book perfectly captures the spirit of the Plain People and the simplicity of their lives that are so rich with wisdom. The reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory. If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't been in bed with a mosquito. Bibles that are coming apart usually belong to people who aren't. Readers will find themselves wanting to share the sayings and nodding their heads at the truisms. It's a book that you'll want to keep on your shelf to reread again and again.

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Available in August from Revell Books a division of the Baker Publishing Group at your favorite bookseller. Thank you to Revell books for providing me with a copy of this book for review.