Sunday, May 09, 2010

Girls Gone Wise

Happy Mother's Day! I had a good day, despite a terrible head cold. Molly gave me the most perfect card (it's actually a birthday card, but she crossed that part out and wrote Mother's Day), Mia brought me a plant in a pot she handpainted from school, plus a silhouette that her teacher made of her, and Doogie sent me a text at 12:58 am to be the very first person to wish me a Happy Mother's Day since he couldn't do it in person this year. Jesse gave me the day off (which I needed because of the dumb cold anyway) and made us yummy steaks for supper.

Girls Gone Wise by Mary A. Kassian is a powerful indictment of the modern woman. Kassian compares the foolish woman and wise woman of Proverbs and contrasts them both to the modern woman. She doesn't pull any punches, and readers will feel deeply convicted. I know as I started reading the book, I initially had a long list of people I wanted to give a copy to, but as I progressed further, I realized that it was me who needed these words of wisdom. Kassian castigates the popular idea of serial monogamy and uses Scripture to support her attack on a lifestyle that God certainly doesn't condone. That's not the only life choice that's under attack, flirting, selfishness, gender role confusion are all discussed. Kassian's words will not earn her the title of Most Popular, but they are true words that must be spoken in a world that continually turns away from God and biblical living. I found myself convicted again and again by my own selfishness. This is not an easy book to read, but I highly recommend it to every woman who wants to strengthen her relationship with God and live a more fulfilling life.

Thanks to Forrester McGowan Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book for review!