Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Country House Courtship Redux

I'm finally starting to feel a little like myself again. Surgery was definitely a learning experience, one which I do not intend to repeat any time soon! I devoted a lot of prayer to getting the IV (got it on the first try and barely felt it), my liver to have shrunk (the dr called it small), and the surgery to go smoothly (normal surgery lasts two hours, the dr expected mine to last two and a half, it only lasted one and a half). Unfortunately, I didn't spend as much time praying for my aftercare. My recovery was less than wonderful. No one answered my call button, leaving me to try and undo all of the tubes and wires to get to the bathroom by myself. And then the situation got so bad, I had to go against medical advice and take things into my own hands. A couple of caring nurses helped make my stay at the hospital a bit better, but I don't think that I really started to truly recover until I got home into my own bed. I didn't feel up to even cracking open a book and start to read until Saturday night! Jesse has been amazing at taking good care of me and the house.

My incisions are healing well, even if they still hurt a bit, and I have to be careful not to touch them. My joint pain has been raging during this time too, so it's good to have an extra reason to take it easy. I am so grateful for everyone's prayers. Now I pray that I never again have an episode of acid reflux. If I have it even once, I don't know that all of this pain was worth it. But if it keeps me from getting pneumonia ever again, I will be thankful.

The Country House Courtship by Linore Rose Burkard is the third in the Regency Inspirational Romance series. When Beatrice Forsythe was just twelve, she swore that she would marry Mr. O'Brien, a former suitor of her sister Ariana, but five years later, her standards for a husband have changed significantly. Having seen the style of life Ariana lives while married to the Paragon, Philip Mornay, she wants that kind of wealth for herself. Tristan Barton seems to promise that kind of life, but when Mr. O'Brien makes a surprise appearance, she finds that her heart may want something different than her head. Burkard's women are smart, beautifully dressed, and aren't afraid to express themselves. Beatrice has a slight Austenesque appeal in that she wants luxury and wealth, but finds herself drawn to a man of character. There are some humorous misunderstandings, along with a stereotypical villain who is made more real by his three-dimensional sister. Burkard easily juggles all of the many storylines, and I enjoy how she keeps faith within the framework of the story without making it preachy or boring. While the story does feel like it's come to a natural ending, I do hope that Burkard hasn't left Forsythe family forever. There are more sisters to marry off!

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Today's picture is of Mia in her Easter dress. She's growing up so fast!

I'm starting a new book contest today! I'm giving away a copy of This Little Prayer of Mine by Anthony DeStefano and Mark Elliot. It's a wonderful children's book told in rhyme and encourages children to pray to God about everything. If you are interested in winning a copy, drop me an email or leave a comment before 10 pm on Thursday, April 8th. I'll announce the winner here on Friday, April 9th. Good luck!