Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hermie & Friends: Antonio Meets His Match

Instead of a book for Mia & Mommy's Book Blog today, we have a terrific new DVD from Thomas Nelson.

Antonio Meets His Match is the 14th episode in the popular Hermie and Friends series by Max Lucado. In this story, Antonio the ant has a new neighbor, Angus, who really gets on his nerves, but God tells Antonio to love Angus. First Mia's review: You know why I really love the Hermie movies? Because they teach us about God. God made Max Lucado special - I love his stories. The movie was awesome. It's funny when everyone keeps calling Angus' kilt a skirt. Antonio kept getting hit on his head with a golf ball; it was hilarious. I felt bad for Hermie and Antonio when they tried to be nice and the neighbors were mean to them. I liked the beat and music to Angus' song, but I didn't like the words because he's so mean! It's really hard to love someone who is calling you names, but God tells us that we have to try. I learned something about myself in this movie: I love bagpipes! Caterpilla at the end is better than the Cinderella story. I laughed so hard when all of the fairies showed up at the end! Now my review: we're big fans of the Hermie movies here because of the bright animation and excellent messages about God and His word. This DVD focuses on loving your neighbor even when they are "so annoying!" God tells Antonio that He doesn't say to "put up with" our neighbors but to love them as He loves us. Antonio puts up with a lot of abuse from Angus and friends, but he does his best to love him anyway, giving a powerful example to children on how to handle teasing and bullies. The short film at the end, Caterpilla, thrilled Mia and had a different message about seeking God's will in our lives instead of always chasing our own desires. Lucado speaks to children in a way they understand and inserts plenty of humor to keep their interest. Mia has watched the movie several times already, so it will keep their attention as well.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing for providing a copy of this DVD for review.

Mia & Mommy's Book Blog will be back on Wednesday with another book review.