Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Choice

Last night I had what just may be the strangest dream in my entire life. I've always had very vivid dreams, and I can remember in striking detail dreams that I had almost 30 years ago. I know that sometimes dreams are just a mental regurgitation of what I've seen or heard throughout the day, but on occasion, I've gotten some very specific messages from God in my dreams. I've also suffered from nightmares and night terrors for much of my life, until I gave my life to God. Before that I had them at least weekly, now I have maybe one or two a year.

Anyway, I've always valued my dream life. I write particularly amazing ones in my journal, but last night's will definitely not be making that list. So here's the dream: ninja cows. Yep, ninja cows. I was semi-conscious enough to wonder whether they were ninjas who took out cows or cows who were ninjas. I got a visual of a ninja (species unknown) wearing the traditional ninja outfit, but instead of it being a solid black, it was colored black and white, like a Holstein! I woke up while contemplating just what assassin skills dairy animals could possess. I shook my head thinking that dreams don't get any weirder than this...until as my mind drifted, I saw a vision of a hamster in a ninja suit. Yep, ninja hamsters.

Whatever I ate last night, I don't ever intend to eat again! LOL

The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the first book in the Lancaster County Secrets bonnet fiction series. Carrie is a beautiful young Amish woman considering leaving her faith for Sol, the man she loves who is on the cusp of a minor league baseball career. But when tragedy strikes, Sol leaves her alone and forced to make choices she never anticipated. Just when she gets back on her feet and starts to feel safe in her new life, tragedy strikes again and again leaving her shellshocked and feeling completely alone. Entwined with her story is that of her step-sister Emma, and best friend Mattie, each of whom is struggling with their own heartaches. There's a lot of Amish lit flooding the market right now, but Fisher has an inside view of the Plain folk because of her family history. This allows her to create vibrant life-like people who aren't perfect, but are trying to find their way in the world, just like the rest of us. Fisher introduces an interesting plotline about the Amish view of having a personal relationship with Jesus. I look forward to visiting these characters again in future novels.

Thank you to Baker Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of this book for review.