Monday, November 02, 2009


The doctor's office called this morning. Mia has joint effusion, which means fluid on her elbow. They still aren't sure if there is a fracture, but given the amount of pain she's still suffering, it's a strong possibility. She sees the orthopedist on Wednesday, until then, she's still out of school.

Between Mia, grocery shopping, and preparing for the new puppy coming tonight, I haven't had a chance to write anything at all today, but I'm hopeful I will get some done tonight after everyone else is asleep. But just to give you a taste of my work in progress, here is the first paragraph:

Conner leaned his back against the wall and allowed gravity to pull him to the floor. As he slid, his long sleeve T-shirt rolled up between his sweaty back and the wall. His mind noticed the discomfort for just a moment and then flicked away to the tennies on his feet. His legs seemed so long, and the shoes far away, but he could still see the bloodstains. Mom will be pissed! The idea passed briefly through his mind and then dashed it away . When Mom found out… shoes would be the least of his trouble.

Limelight by Melody Carlson is an unusual and humorous book about a starting life all over again at 82. Claudette Fiore's life was one anyone would envy: wealth, fame, handsome movie director husband, beauty; the epitome of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, until her accountant paid himself instead of the IRS leaving her without a home or the kind of life she's lived for the last sixty years. At first, the news causes her to attempt suicide, but two weeks in a psychiatric facility has left her determined to live on her own again. With the help of her stepson, she returns to her hometown of Silverton, California to a house left to Claudette in her mother's will. Returning to the town she couldn't leave fast enough and the sister she hasn't spoken to in years will test her self-confidence, and she will have to find her new place in the world. Claudettee's trials while trying to learn how to care for a home: washing clothes with dish detergent, starting a fire in the fireplace with a closed flue, and using her Crock-Pot as emergency bathroom facilities makes this book at times a laugh out loud riot. But there is also a powerful message about friendship and finding self worth outside of your gross income. Carlson is an outstanding author, her books for teens resonate strongly with the YA audience, but her voice in this book rings just as true. Claudette is a character I wouldn't mind visiting again!

Thanks to Random House for providing me with a copy of the book!

The new puppy arrived tonight. Buffalo Bill aka Billy aka Bill aka Buffy is a male rat terrier about eight weeks old. He's extremely cute and a bit wild. Here's hoping he settles down soon!


Chad Bearden said...

I have a 4 year old rat terrier and just to let you know...they never settle down until it's time for bed. They are the best dogs in the world and will give you the best love.