Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wally the Walking Fish & My Fishing Journal

Today is another visit from Mia & Mommy's Book Blog. These books are especially appropriate for Mia after her major catches this summer while camping. She's already looking forward to ice fishing with her Grandpa Lockstein this winter.

Wally the Walking Fish by Gary Lamit is a fun and educational look at fish and nature. First Mia's thoughts: I'm really amazed that fish can climb, walk, fly, and swim! I mean I knew that fish could swim, but I didn't know about the other things they can do. I liked that Madison made friends with Wally, and Cooper, the dog, made me laugh with how often he was hungry and what he said. Heeheehee. My favorite part of the book was when Cooper put his paw on Wally's head and was howling. Now my review: I enjoyed the light writing style and great watercolor pictures. Madison is a sweet girl, and Cooper's curmedgeonly Golden Lab is adorable. My only complaint with the book is that it is told entirely in dialogue, but it isn't noted as to who is speaking, and that makes for confusing reading at times. The educational bits are short and aptly inserted, and Mia was astounded by the different abilities of fish. I hope that Wally and Madison will be making a sequel soon.

My Fishing Journal
by Louis Gary Lamit is a must have for any young fan of fishing. Mia says: I really liked working on the first pages. I can't wait to do more pages, and I like thinking about what I can catch and draw next. I'm going to use this book forever until it runs out and work on it for twenty-hundred years until I'm an old lady. This book is absolutely perfect for Mia who loves going fishing and is very good at it. There are lots of pages for kids to record their best catches along with details like: location, who I fished with, weather conditions, bait, size, etc. There's also room for them to add a picture (drawn or photo) and record their thoughts about the catch in their own words. At the bottom of each page is a picture and details about a different fish, adding an educational element. The author has additional pages for free download on his website. Mia enjoys looking through it to remember her best catches and think about what she wants to fish for next.

I'm starting a new book contest tomorrow, so stop back then!