Monday, September 14, 2009

Tidings of Great Boys

I am on the run out of the door today. Mia has a doctor's appointment to see if she has another UTI, and I have one to try and manage my insomnia. Plus we need to do some shoe shopping because she literally was a size 12 shoe on Friday and a 13 on Sunday! How on earth does that happen?

I've been reading Morning by Evening by Charles Spurgeon, which Jesse gave me for my birthday. There is so much wisdom in here, I wanted to share some with you!

Too many think lightly of sin, and therefore think lightly of the Savior.

Prayer must not be our chance work, but our daily business, our habit, and our vocation.

It is His delight to give favors. He is more ready to hear than you are to ask.

No one else shall have our portion, it is reserved in heaven for you...
Lord, accept me. I here present myself, praying to live only in You and to You. Let me be as the bull which stands between the plow and the altar, to work or be sacrificed; and let my motto be:"Ready for either."

Tidings of Great Boys by Shelley Adina is the fifth book in the It's All About Us series. Mac, Lady Lindsey MacPhail, takes on narration duty in this volume which takes place over Christmas break of the girls' senior year. Mac wants all of her best friends to celebrate the holidays with her at her family's castle, Straithcairn, in Scotland, as well as to get her parents back together, but neither will be an easy task. Especially when you throw in a batch of jealous childhood friends and Shani's trouble with the Sheikh of Yasir, this is guaranteed to be a hopping party! I really enjoy reading Adina's writing; this title may not have a lot of heavy issues like the previous volumes, but it reads like a sorbet, it's refreshing and cleansed the "palate" of my brain from the darker books I've been reading as of late. Adina nails teenage girls with their dialogue, bursts of temper, and shifts of loyalty, along with boycraziness! It's a fun read, and while the girls are Christians, there is no preachiness. Adina balances just the right amount of humor, faith, and zaniness to appeal to teenage girls and their mothers!

I'm starting a new book contest this week for Bruce Wilkinson's new book You Were Born for This. Miracles didn't just happen when Jesus was here on earth. They are still happening today, and God wants you to be a part of it! Wilkinson's book will help you learn to hear the nudges of God so that you can be a miracle to those around you. If you'd like to win, just send me an email before 10 pm on Thursday, Sept 17th. I'll announce the winner here on Friday. Good luck!