Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Princess and the Three Knights

Today marks the return of Mia & Mommy's Book Blog. She had a busy weekend watching movies with her big sister and spending the day with her Grandma & Grandpa Lockstein today. It's so good for her to get out of the house! It's good for me too!

The Princess and the Three Knights
by Karen Kingsbury and Gabrielle Grimard is a beautifully illustrated fairy tale that will quickly become a family favorite. First, here are Mia's feelings about the book: I like it, I like the whole thing. The artwork is wonderful and fantastic. I learned that love always protects. My favorite part in the whole book was the happily ever after, because the princess and her husband looked so happy. I definitely want to keep this book forever! It makes me feel happy, and I love the book! Now my thoughts: Grimard's illustrations are just gorgeous and perfectly capture the fairy tale feel with an extra dose of pink to thrill its feminine readers. Kingsbury writes in the voice of classic fairy tales giving the book a timeless appeal. Her message of love always protecting is an important one to emphasize to little girls, and she does it with Scripture and through example. It's a book that will please both parents and their daughters.

I'm giving away a copy of this book AND Kingsbury's We Believe in Christmas, another terrific picture book. If you'd like the chance to win, just send me an email before 10 pm on Thursday Oct. 1st. I'll announce the winner here on Friday. Good luck!