Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Between You and Me

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Just Between You And Me

Thomas Nelson (September 1, 2009)


Jenny B. Jones


I write Christian fiction with a few giggles, quite a bit of sass, and lots of crazy. My novels include the Katie Parker Production series and So Not Happening. I would also like to take credit for Twilight , but somewhere I think I read you’re not supposed to lie.

When I’m not typing my heart out (or checking email), I teach at a super-sized high school in Arkansas.

My students are constantly telling me how my teaching changes their lives and turned them away from drugs, gangs, and C-SPAN.

Okay, that’s not exactly true.

Since my current job leaves me with very little free time, I believe in spending my spare hours in meaningful, intellectual pursuits such as:

-watching E!
-updating my status on Facebook
-catching Will Ferrell on YouTube and
-writing my name in the dust on my furniture

I’d love to hear about you, so drop me a note. Or check me out on Facebook.


The only thing scarier than living on the edge is stepping off it.
Maggie Montgomery lives a life of adventure. Her job as a cinematographer takes her from one exotic locale to the next. When Maggie's not working, she loves to rappel off cliffs or go skydiving. Nothing frightens her.

Nothing, that is, except Ivy, Texas, where a family emergency pulls her back home to a town full of bad memories, painful secrets, and people Maggie left far behind . . . for a reason.

Forced to stay longer than she intended, Maggie finds her family a complete mess, including the niece her sister has abandoned. Ten-year-old Riley is struggling in school and out of control at home. The only person who can really handle the pint-sized troublemaker is Conner, the local vet and Ivy's most eligible bachelor. But Conner and Maggie keep butting heads--he's suspicious of her and, well, she doesn't rely on anyone but herself.

As Maggie humorously fumbles her way from one mishap to another, she realizes she's going to need to ask for help from the one person who scares her the most.

To save one little girl--and herself--can Maggie let go of her fears and just trust God?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Just Between You And Me, go HERE

Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones is a powerful novel about living without fear and learning to trust God. Maggie Montgomery has made a career of running away. As a cinematographer she also views the world at a safe remove without having to actually interact with it. Twelve years after she left her hometown of Ivy, Texas, her father calls demanding she return to help out with her niece, Riley. Maggie has spent years avoiding returning to Ivy and all that it holds for her: her father's cold shoulder, her sister's bitter rage, and her mother's death that haunts them all. She goes home for Riley's sake, just for a few days, but her departure keeps getting delayed as God works on her heart through Riley's brokenness and handsome vet Connor's romantic attention. Whenever I see "Women of Faith Fiction" on the front cover of a novel, I know that I'm in for a treat, but Jones' stands out even in that elite group. Maggie and Connor have some of the best repartee I've ever read. They zing each other, even as they can't seem to stay apart. While the plot may be familiar: career girl returns home to face a family crisis and find romance, Jones' dialogue and appealing characters make this a real page-turner. Every sentence is carefully crafted: Because I've seen the world. But sometimes I wonder...has it ever seen me? Beautifully written with humor, romance, and faith; this book has it all.

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