Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kathryn's Fountain

On Sunday, I sorted through all of Mia's clothing. Checking to see what still fits and what she's outgrown during her 2-1/2" and 8 lb growth spurt this summer! I pulled absolutely everything out of her closet and dresser. I asked Jesse to look in the basement, because I knew that I had put a bag of clothing down there from his brother and sister-in-law that our niece had outgrown. It was mostly size 8 and 10, so I've been holding on to it for when she hits that size. When he went down there, he couldn't find that bag, but he did find a completely different one I had forgotten about. When our local thrift store has bag sales (all you can fit in a paper bag for $5.99) I tend to stock up on clothes for Mia to grow into. Jesse found a huge garbage bag of those items. The bad news is that because I forgot about it, she's already outgrown all of the 5T and 6X items. The good news is that still left over half a bag of new (to her) clothing! We held a fashion party on Saturday night where she tried on several of her new outfits. That's the source of today's pictures.

I got on such a cleaning spree with her clothes, that I moved on to both Jesse's and mine. By the time I was done, we got rid of 5 huge garbage bags of clothing! Mia's clothes are going to a good friend who has two little girls, the other three bags will go to the thrift store (where I will have to be careful not to buy items back! I've been known to do so! lol). Finding that bag was such a blessing, I will have to return to the practice of buying clothing a couple of sizes ahead of Mia. It was a bit like Christmas for both of us.

Kathryn's Fountain
by David J. Claassen is a wonderful story about generational separation and being a miracle to others. When Kathryn's pastor visits her at her assisted living center, she asks him an unusual question, "Do you believe in miracles?" The story that she shares with him changes his heart as it will to readers' hearts. Kathryn feels as though life is going on without her and the rest of the residents at Victorian Manor. Other than short visits from friends and family, they have no real impact on the world around them. A visit from a little girl named Jasmine brings about a miracle that changes Kathryn's life and in the end just may save Jasmine's. Claassen tells a fantastical story that gently get his point across without hammering readers' heads. Kathryn is a terrific character who doesn't want to stop living just because her body has started to fail her. Her kindness and love for others shines through on every page. It's a story that will make readers consider Kathryn's choices and how God uses others to do His work every day in the world.

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